Doesn’t it seem like every month there’s a new release of The World’s Most Powerful from a source no one was even asking? And, isn’t it always a little weird that they use the external things—wealth, status, celebrity—to define and rank power. It is for me. Specifically, it’s weird how one person can go from the top position of power one year and not even make it on the list the next. Did that person have power, or not? Was the power real and it just disappeared? It’s easy to get confused.

This all hit me this morning over tea and I thought a lot about power, and what it means to me; I’ve always defined power as strength, perpetuated. Therefore, it’s not the wealth and status and celebrity that bear the honor but spirituality and resilience. A power that comes from there, our core being, reflects everything that we’re meant to be. And, in turn, shines that light (if it’s light you’re radiating) then brightens those closest to it.

When we see a force like this shining through someone, it’s pretty irresistible and inspiring. It elevates us, motivating and inspiring a better way of living, learning, loving, and growing. I think the times I feel it most, power, in myself, are the times I am delivering something—advice, knowledge, a product, service, or just time in general—to another person who will benefit from it, feel the impact and “get it.”

If we’re lucky when they “get it” they’ll give it too. To someone else, also in need of whatever it is.

Alignment is totally the secret to power. That’s my belief anyway. When you’re conscious of the course you’re on and doing what you’re supposed to be doing to fulfill your own self and leverage that fulfillment to lift up those around you—aware and truly lead by the best of intentions—it’s hard to achieve anything but power. When you’re doing things, on purpose and with purpose, you’re at your most powerful state.

Power doesn’t mean you won’t stumble. It means you won’t fall.