sunset over the horizon

On Evolution

One of my favorite things ever is sitting along the coast of Long Beach Island bay—a second home for me—watching the sunset. Transforming the sky. Nature has a far easier time with transformation than we humans do.

Evolution, as a human being, is a multi-generational excavation process, digging deep to uncover and inspect the underlying issues. It can feel a lot like trying to shovel through Mount Everest at times, always hitting rock.

Here’s what I’ve learned though, the hard way: It’s those rocks, avoided and unattended over years and years of effort, turn into mounds and those mounds turn into mountains. It’s our responsibility to not stop when we hit the rock; to continue to chip away at it, not dig around it. These are our “daily clean-ups,” visible throughout our work, family, and relationships; these clean-ups affect our health and overall well-being most.

It can feel like ignoring these mounds would be far easier than trudging through, but it’s not. If we take tiny steps to address the daily issues that plague us, those tiny steps quickly become giant leaps on the quest to self-fulfillment. Reaching our potential as human beings is far more than “a goal,” it’s the ULTIMATE GOAL!

In a state of fulfillment, it’s wonderous what we’re capable of—and it has nothing to do with the measurement of mankind overall, the lists of most and least powerful, who’s “hot” and not. Instead, it becomes about whose life did you touch, what mark are you leaving on the world? Who did you love? And, of course, who loved you back?

My ultimate goal? A steadfast transformation of consciousness, always and in all ways, to bring me to the grounding truth: That I am no better or worse than anyone else on this planet. I am simply me.